How to Keep Holiday Cheer From Turning Into Holiday Churn

For most retailers, the holidays are not merely the busiest shopping time; they can also determine just how good (or bad) a year is going to be. The number one problem? Churn. Five minutes after they check out, shoppers who were thrilled with their amazing bargains have already forgotten you exist.

The Secret to Enhancing Your Next Customer Experience Campaign

What is more powerful: Your first-party customer data or a partner's third-party data? Trick question. What really matters is how valuable both data sets can be when they're combined. Data Management Platform (DMP) and Data as a Service (DaaS) solutions can enable you to bring these data sets together for maximum impact.

The 5 Best Waze Campaigns of 2016

The best ad campaigns stand above the rest by combining stellar creative and big ideas that make consumers pay attention and take action. Nowhere is this more apparent than on Waze, the traffic and navigation app, where a great ad can literally drive consumers to a location.

Time to Put Away These Common Big Data Misconceptions

The misconceptions about big data are all around us and it starts with the data itself. When it rains, you can't just drink the water. It must be collected, purified, bottled and delivered for consumption. Big data works the same way: It's a raw resource that is a few important steps away from being useful.

Here’s Why Brands Need Their Own Web Stores

Inviting someone to a party only to turn them away at the door is bad manners. Spending money to draw consumers to your website and then sending them somewhere else to transact is bad business.

This New Study Is All the Proof You Need That Programmatic Is an ROI Winner

New research says you could be leaving money on the table by not investing in programmatic. Programmatic has fundamentally changed the landscape for marketers by creating data-rich digital campaigns to target an audience. However, programmatic has typically been seen as a tertiary channel to other traditional forms of media like television, radio and even digital.

How AI Will Create the Perfect Ad for Every Individual

The advertising industry has made huge strides in targeting, but there's one more big step to take to make ads truly relevant: We need to adapt each creative message so it is interactive and personalized to every single individual.

Here Are the 4 Types of Shoppers You’ll See This Holiday Season

Timing is everything when it comes to holiday shopping. Using data from 120+ million bank accounts and 20+ billion annual card transactions, purchase intelligence firm Cardlytics identified four distinct types of holiday shoppers based on when they make their purchases. Understand their differences to target your campaigns more effectively. 

How Programmatic Guaranteed Unlocks the True Potential of Digital Advertising

Why Data Is Now the Driving Force Behind Event Marketing Success

In this era of personalized, one-to-one engagement, brands are increasingly turning to experiential and event marketing to create rich, emotional connections with consumers.