Licensing, Reprints/ E-Prints and Plaques

Interested in learning more about how to boost your brand with Adweek content?

We have partnered with one of today’s leading content licensing companies, Wright’s Media, to offer a full suite of products from hardcopy and electronic reprints to plaques, seals and permissions/licensing.



Award seals are available for purchase to qualifying winners. Seals are great promotional tools to showcase in your email signature.


Plaques, Reprints/ E-Prints

Framed wall plaques are a fantastic way to promote your success and client triumphs. Your original article and custom reprint can be reproduced on a cost-effective plaque, commemorating your or your client’s achievements. These beautifully designed, high-quality wall plaques can be showcased in your office, office lobby and boardrooms. They also make lasting personal and professional gifts.

Reprints and E-Prints allow you to share your full article recognition over various platforms to as many people as you see fit.

For additional information, please contact:

Wright’s Media
Office: 281-419-5725
Toll Free: 877-652-5295