T.L. Stanley

T.L. Stanley is a contributor to Adweek.

Are Robots Like These About to Take All the Ad Jobs?

Whether it’s immediately obvious or not, artificial intelligence is playing a significant role in creating ads.

Microsoft Urges Girls to Stay in STEM, and Change the World, in Third Year of #MakeWhatsNext

Timed again to International Women's Day.

Parents Throw Tantrums When Kids Steal Their Candy in Easter Ads From Peeps

Like Kimmel's Halloween prank, in reverse.

HP Is Advertising Its Real, Modern Printers on This Fake, Awkward ’80s Computer Show

HP PageWide is indeed superior to dot matrix.

From Sex to Shrimp, How One Used Car Dealer Scrubs Away Any Vehicle’s Gross History

A crime-scene investigator puts Starmark's system to the test.

Ad Stuffed With Nudity and Shaved Back Hair Makes a More Serious Point About Wifi Security

For a brand called, yes, Hide My Ass!

This Video Game Ad Is the First Film in 14 Years From the Director of Die Hard

What happens when a group of heavily tattooed thugs, a precocious snow-white cat and a team of special ops assassins appear in the same ad? Don't fret—the feline emerges unscathed. The drug dealers? Not so much. Ubisoft continues its full-scale marketing assault for the hotly anticipated title Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands with a 90-second mini-movie from action maven John McTiernan, the filmmaker behind Die Hard, Predator and The Hunt for Red October.

Fantastic Beasts? You’ll Find Plenty of Them in This Wild British Ad for Mitsubishi

It's not often that Medusa shows up in advertising, much less accompanied by a chest-thumping minotaur, a metallic mermaid, an arrow-shooting centaur and a galloping Pegasus. So, this new U.K. spot for Mitsubishi is a real mythological blowout—all in service of a hot-selling SUV called the Outlander PHEV. It may look like the brand's longtime ad agency, Golley Slater, has taken a page from American Horror Story or a Guillermo del Toro flick for the gorgeously shot 60-second ad.

Ad of the Day: Nike Women Got FKA Twigs to Creative Direct This Mesmerizing New Ad

Get ready to watch and re-watch the new Nike Women ad from FKA Twigs featuring a cadre of athletes and dancers. It's just that much ethereal eye candy, set to a snippet of the performer's new song, "Trust in Me."

Angel Soft Continues to Build Ads Around Quiet, Relatable Moments in People’s Lives

There's a grown man loitering outside the women's room, but he's no creep. He's a single dad waiting for his young daughter. And a few years later, that same guy is getting a different bathroom door slammed in his face because his teenage offspring is "becoming a woman" but absolutely doesn't want to chat with him about it. A new campaign from Angel Soft intends to "uncover the insightful little moments that we can all appreciate but that you don't see much in advertising," says Karen Costello, executive creative director at Deutsch, the brand's agency.