Lauren Johnson

Lauren Johnson

Lauren Johnson is a technology staff writer for Adweek, where she specializes in covering mobile, social platforms and emerging tech.

Snapchat Honors International Women’s Day With Frida Kahlo, Marie Curie and Rosa Parks Lenses

Users can overlay graphics and animated stickers on their photos and videos for 24 hours featuring three of history’s most famous women.

Facebook Is Giving All Advertisers Cross-Platform Stats in Its Latest Push for Transparency

Facebook is testing Atlas as a measurement tool for all advertisers.

Oreo Flew 5 Giant Drones Over New York City to Recreate the Famous Milk Dunk

Oreo takes dunking to new heights for its latest marketing stunt.

8 Stats That Sum Up What We Learned at Mobile World Congress

Attention-grabbing numbers from the trade show in Barcelona included data on Pokemon Go, artificial intelligence and connected cars, among other things.

How Facebook Live Transformed Ghana’s Presidential Elections

Airtel Ghana's CEO Lucy Quist was “completely taken aback” by Facebook Live's role in the country's recent election.

WPP’s Martin Sorrell Says Snapchat Could ‘Well Be’ a Third Digital Ad Competitor to Facebook and Google

Snapchat is going public tomorrow, and the WPP chief sees big things for its future.

Foursquare’s Location Data Can Now Power Brands’ Mobile Apps

After selling its location data to companies like Snapchat and Nielsen, Foursquare is starting to license its stats to brands.

Thanks to Visa and IBM, Using a Washing Machine to Shop May Soon Be Possible

Watson's CMO Deon Newman envisons a world where every household appliance will be shoppable.

Coca-Cola Wants to Use AI Bots to Create Its Ads

Coca-Cola's global senior digital director Mariano Bosaz believes bots can replace parts of the creative process.

Automakers Are Improving Self-Driving Cars With Troves of Data

Automakers are using behavioral and location data to improve self-driving cars.