Kristina Monllos

Kristina Monllos

Kristina Monllos is a staff writer for Adweek, where she specializes in covering brands, marketing innovation, consumer trends and pop culture. She produces the podcast "Yeah, That's Probably an Ad."

Everything Went Wrong on Purpose in Snickers’ Live Super Bowl Spot

The effort from creative shop BBDO in New York leaned into Snickers' core brand messaging.

Michelob Ultra Celebrates the Fitness Community With the Cheers Theme Song in Super Bowl Spot

Michelob Ultra's ode to working out.

Budweiser Says Backlash to Its Immigrant Ad Already Seems to Be Tapering Off

The brand's Super Bowl ad is an immigrant story, and some are taking offense.

Spuds MacKenzie’s Ghost Really Wants You to Hang Out With Friends in Bud Light’s Super Bowl Spot

It's an homage to a spot from 1987.

This Band Went to a Brewery to Release Their Album and Created a Beer to Go With It

The beer 'matches the themes of the record.'

Raindrops Fill the World With More Color in Charming Super Bowl Spot for Pepsi’s LifeWTR

The spot features a song from John Legend.

Avocados From Mexico’s Secret Society Isn’t Happy About Intel Leaks in Silly Super Bowl Ad

A secret society is subject to subliminal advertising in the fun Super Bowl spot.

Check Out Busch’s Surprisingly Funny 30-Second Super Bowl Spot

Busch's Super Bowl debut is from Deutsch in New York and introduces its new spokesman, the Busch Guy.

Ad of the Day: Girls Recite Taylor Swift’s 2016 Acceptance Speech in Cute Promo for the Grammys

TBWA finds some solid ad copy in this spot for the Feb. 12 telecast.

Brands Are Taking a Stand Against President Trump’s Immigration Ban

Leaders of major brands have released statements opposing President Donald Trump's executive order.