David Griner

David Griner

David Griner is digital managing editor of Adweek, where he leads the news coverage team and coordinates the publication's digital channels. He is the creator of #AdweekChat on Twitter and host of Adweek's podcast, "Yeah, That's Probably an Ad."

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Sometimes your shelves can send a message.

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Bipartisan Letter Rebukes Kellyanne Conway for ‘Explicit Endorsement’ of Ivanka Trump Products

The Congressional Oversight Committee's leaders are recommending Conway be reprimanded or even dismissed.

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Skittles’ 2017 Super Bowl Ad Is All About Young Love, Burglary and Saying ‘Katie’ a Lot

At last year's Super Bowl, Skittles showed up to the party with Steven Tyler and one of the oddest ads of the game. This year, the candy brand is keeping it weird—thankfully without any high-pitched antics.

The Dutch Are Speaking Trump’s Language in This Hilarious Satire Video ‘Welcoming’ Him

While much of Europe seems understandably concerned about Donald Trump's "America First" stance, the Dutch are happy to find a middle ground: "The Netherlands Second."

Expedia Shares a Powerful Message of Global Togetherness Amid a Divisive Inauguration

A new ad from the brand and agency 180LA is debuting today during CNN's coverage of Donald Trump's presidential inauguration, but its message is notably out of sync with Trump's general worldview of American exceptionalism and (specifically) distrust of Muslims.