Christine Birkner

Christine Birkner

Christine Birkner is a staff writer covering brands, agencies and trends for Adweek. She has a bachelor's of journalism from the University of Missouri and has been covering the corporate world as a writer and editor for more than a decade.

This Inspiring Video on the Heroine From Hidden Figures Helped Raise Money for STEM Education

A video highlighting the accomplishments of Hidden Figures' heroine helped raise money for STEM education.

Prudential’s Heart-Wrenching Short Films Explore Love, Grief and Loss

The video series shows how real customers overcame some of life’s most painful moments.

H&R Block’s Futuristic Super Bowl Spot Shows Off IBM Watson’s Tax Skills

The 60-second ad, 'Future,' by Fallon in Minneapolis, is voiced by H&R Block spokesman Jon Hamm.

GNC Is Trolling the NFL on Twitter for Rejecting Its Super Bowl Ad

Brand refers to the #NoFunLeague after the NFL rejected its Super Bowl spot.

Simple Surgery Results in a Patient’s ’67 Corvette Being Removed in Aflac’s Pre-Super Bowl Spot

Aflac warns of the dangers of not having insurance in its pre-Super Bowl ad.

Talking Celebrity Yearbook Photos Encourage You to Chase Your Dreams in Honda’s Super Bowl Ad

Honda's Super Bowl spot features the real high school yearbook photos of celebs including Tina Fey, Steve Carell, Amy Adams and Viola Davis.

H&R Block and IBM Watson Are Teaming Up for Taxes—and the Super Bowl

With help from spokesman Jon Hamm, H&R Block is promoting its partnership with IBM Watson in its first Super Bowl ad since 2009.

John Malkovich Gets Testy With His Less Famous Namesake in Squarespace’s Super Bowl Ad

Actor turned fashion designer John Malkovich stars in Squarespace's humorous ad for Super Bowl LI.

The Internet Comes to Life With a Love for Sneezing Pandas and Cats in GoDaddy’s Super Bowl Ad

GoDaddy's Super Bowl spot takes a humorous tone this year by personifying the Internet.

Papa John’s Explores Its Own Humble Origins in Its Pre-Super Bowl Spot

The NFL's official pizza sponsor launches its "pizza family" branding with this ad to air before the Big Game.