Alfred Maskeroni

Alfred Maskeroni

Alfred Maskeroni is the director of video at Adweek. He is also a photographer and contributor to Adweek and its creative blog, AdFreak. He enjoys brands, infomercials and the work of Alan Smithee.

This Ludicrously Awesome KFC Bucket Takes Your Selfies and Prints Them Out

Have you ever thought to yourself, "You know what would be really cool? What if when I'm hanging with my hipster friends later, eating fried chicken in the park, we could immediately print out photos of our fun times together!"?

Pluto Gets Its Picture Taken, and Some Brands Do Their Own Flybys

On Tuesday morning, NASA showed the world that it's finally gotten around to visiting our solar system's favorite not-a-planet-anymore, Pluto. On Instagram, the once-blurry dot in space was featured in glorious high-res for all humankind to behold.

Minions Inspire Love and Hatred With Their Marketing Run Amok

It was all bound to happen because that's how the Internet works: First we prop big sensations up, and then we revel in their downfall. And that's exactly what has gone down—already—with the Minions movie, even though it premieres in the United States today.

Woman Applies Makeup in Zero Gravity in This Beauty Brand’s Fun, Baffling Stunt

Maybe she's born with it. Maybe she applied it in zero gravity.

Jeb Bush Unveiled His 2016 Logo, and the Internet Shouted Unkind Things at It

There's nothing more infectious than good old-fashioned enthusiasm from a presidential candidate. And what better way to project that political fervor than by adding an exclamation point to your campaign logo?

Watch 12 Famous Logos Evolve Before Your Eyes in These Mesmerizing GIFs

Unless you're hiking the Appalachian Trail, or staring at your walls all day, or living under a rock, or running ad-blocking software for your eyeballs, you're bombarded with brand logos all day long. Here's a fun and downright trippy project by the folks at Zing, who have taken some of those famous logos and GIF'ed their histories. The results are pretty neat, and you might just want to just sit and stare at them morph from old to new, over and over.

Illustrator Takes Requests on Twitter and Draws the World’s Saddest Logos

Happy brands are everywhere. But what if there were some sad brands, too? Illustrator and author Adam J. Kurtz wouldn't mind seeing that. Kurtz, who's part of BuzzFeed's BFF team, tweeted out the following right before the holiday weekend: hi friday twitter! do you like brands? tweet me your fave brand w/ #sadvertising and i will make them sad — Adam J. Kurtz (@ADAMJK) May 22, 2015 For the next hour or so, he took requests from followers and churned out shrewd, snarky images, from Nike to Coke to (almost) Starbucks. We spoke with him about the project.

Unhappy With the Mad Men Finale? Here Are 15 Totally Possible (or Not) Alternate Endings

Now that you've been on the Internet for a few hours today, you've probably read about people who correctly predicted the ending of Mad Men. That's pretty impressive, considering the number of theories that have been floating around in recent weeks. Hell, even the cast wasn't sure for a while how the show would end, as Matthew Weiner at one point gave them a script with an alternate ending. So, in the spirit of alternate endings, here's a roundup of tweets from fans who imagined a different finale. Some of their ideas are totally absurd, while others are more in line with AMC's past efforts or tied specifically to the show. Take a look:

Here’s How Brands Honored Draper and Company During the Mad Men Finale

If you were glued to a television-type device during the Mad Men finale on Sunday night, you probably had your second-screen-type device at the ready to tweet your spoiler-laden reactions. Brands certainly did. And so did some agencies—particularly McCann, of course, which has featured prominently in Season 7. Don is nowhere man, sitting in his nowhere land. #MadMen #MadMenFinale — McCann (@McCann_WW) May 18, 2015 Many brands tweeted homages to the characters—mostly Don Draper, the lubed-up star. Others, like Coca-Cola, had more specific reactions (even if they arrived a little late). Take a look below at some of notable brand tweets from the finale of one of TV's best-loved shows:

Waffle House Unracists Its Cinco de Mayo Tweet Just in Time

It's Cinco de Mayo, and here's a simple rule for all you brand social managers out there: Don't make puns using the name Juan.