Alfred Maskeroni

Alfred Maskeroni

Alfred Maskeroni is the director of video at Adweek. He is also a photographer and contributor to Adweek and its creative blog, AdFreak. He enjoys brands, infomercials and the work of Alan Smithee.

Pizza Hut’s Swipe-to-Order Table: Cool and Useful, or Gross and Inefficient?

If you've ever thought to yourself, "Man, choosing toppings for my pizza by talking to a waiter is so tedious and annoying—I sure wish I could smash my grimy hands all over this table to accomplish this insufferable task," well, you're in luck.

Muppets Take Manhattan Again, as Kermit Copes With a City of Animals for Lipton Tea

How calming is Lipton tea? You'll be at peace even amid the animals (actually, make that the Animals) of New York City.

Faces of Advertising Week

As part of Adweek's ongoing Pop-Up Photo Studio presence at key industry events, digital design director Alfred Maskeroni and design director Carol Wells last week set up shop at Advertising Week in New York.

Advertising GIF of the Week: The Bouncing Carl’s Jr. Burger!

From Carl's Jr.'s Hamblor commercial.