Alfred Maskeroni

Alfred Maskeroni

Alfred Maskeroni is the director of video at Adweek. He is also a photographer and contributor to Adweek and its creative blog, AdFreak. He enjoys brands, infomercials and the work of Alan Smithee.

How the Budweiser Garage Brewed Up an Immersive Experience for SXSW Attendees [Video]

Virtual reality experiences have started to take over popular culture—if you want to be somewhere you can't be, well, there's a VR headset for that. But a virtual beer? Is that a thing? Anheuser-Busch is making a compelling case.

Watch Fans Get Real Tattoos of Suicide Squad Characters at Warner Bros. SXSW Activation [Video]

There is no shortage of immersive activations at South by Southwest this year, but none can boast an experience that literally stays with fans for the rest of their lives, like the Warner Bros. Suicide Squad activation.

Meet the Mysterious YouTube Food Surgeon Who Hypnotically Concocts Freaky Candy Hybrids

Have you ever been eating your favorite snacks and thought, "Boy, I sure wish this thing I'm eating was INSIDE this other thing I'm eating, like Dexter-meets-flippin'-Frankenstein!"?

‘We All Need the D,’ Says Ad Campaign That Obviously Doesn’t Know What ‘the D’ Means

You probably already knew this, but there's an essential vitamin that promotes bone growth. It's called Vitamin D.  Up in Canada, Yukon's Health and Human Services wanted to spread this information with ads promoting the vitamin's benefits. The wording of the headlines was unfortunate, though, as lines like "How do you do the D?" and "Need a little help... with your daily D?" betray a lack of awareness about what "the D" means in slang. 

Call a Hot Jedi Phone Sex Line, You Will, After Watching Playboy’s Absurd Fake Ad

Remember phone sex lines? They happened a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. I'll cut right to the chase here, skipping over the fact that there's a new Star Wars movie coming out this week, justifying the existence of this clip. This fake ad, which features actress and model Sara Jean Underwood dressed as some of the original trilogy's famous characters, is—well, actually pretty clever, given the massive amount of culture saturation the franchise is getting. 

Meet the Ridiculously Cute Pets That Come to Work at L.A.’s Canine-Crazy Ad Agencies

Striking that perfect work-life balance can be quite the challenge for those of us with little ones at home, their slobbery faces pressed up against the window, waiting for mom or dad to get home and give them some love—before they take it out on a favorite pair of shoes or all over that new rug.

Why Kenan Thompson Thinks Hillary Is a Muscle Implant and Ben Carson Is a Sleeping Pill

Whether you support Donald Trump as a politician, genius showman, idiot—or all of the above—you might want to check out Saturday Night Live this weekend, as he is set to host what will surely be an episode full of intrigue and spectacle.

The North Face Gave These Shoppers a VR Experience That Suddenly Got Awesomely Real

You're shopping for a new coat at The North Face store, when an eager clerk asks if you want to test out your potential winter gear before leaving the store. "Sure?" you say, agreeing mostly so they'll stop bothering you. You sit down in what appears to be a dog sled, and you strap on a pair of Oculus Rift virtual reality goggles. The next thing you know, you're swept away on a crazy virtual adventure, with a pack of huskies pulling you through a gorgeous snowscape. "Cool," you think to yourself. "This is pretty fun. I don't even have to leave the store!"

Mr. Robot’s Sam Esmail on How Not to Get Hacked, and Which Old Logos He Loves

In the wake of large-scale cyber attacks on corporations like Sony and Internet hives like Ashley Madison, there's no shortage of brand scandals caused by hackers.

Check Out Melissa Etheridge’s Cover of Janis Joplin’s ‘Mercedes Benz’ at the Clio Awards

In addition to the usual pomp and circumstance, the 2015 Clio Awards on Wednesday were peppered with some fun little nuggets celebrating the ad industry and culture.