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These 12 Agencies Have Masterfully Adapted in an Increasingly Digital Marketplace

Faced with the relentless onslaught of change, agencies have been forced to adapt quickly or risk irrelevance.

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Life met art in the 2016 TV Hot List. Veep, a political satire about a White House run, was declared Hottest Comedy, but was trumped by the real thing, which […]

New York’s Stellar Coverage of the Craziest Election in History Makes It Magazine of the Year

The longest presidential campaign any of us can remember—with one of the most shocking outcomes, at least to the media—not only dominated our consciousness and conversation in 2016, it also […]

Here Are the Most Indispensable Executives in Marketing, Media and Tech

Marketing chiefs represent the single largest cohort in this year’s 
Adweek 50, our annual list of the most indispensable executives behind the CEO across the marketing, media and tech disciplines.

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Magazines—both in print and digital form—continued to dominate the media landscape in 2016. But which ones were truly the hottest? From award-winning journalism by titles as diverse as New York, Lucky Peach and the Oxford American to reimagined monthlies like Esquire, these publishers kept the medium vital and vibrant.

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Which brands have ruled the digital world this year? Which apps have kept you glued to your screen? Here's your chance to name the year's best of the best.   With Adweek's annual Hot List Readers' Choice Poll, you select the hottest digital brands, apps, personalities and gadgets across a wide range of categories.

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Hot List: Place Your Votes for 2016’s Buzziest Tech, TV Shows, Magazines and More

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