6 Ways Food and Beverage Brands Can Maximize Their Influencer Marketing

Opinion: When people are looking for recipes and new foods and drinks to try, they no longer search through traditional recipe books and magazines.

It Was a Sleepy February on Facebook, as Lodging, Mattresses Were Topics to Watch

Facebook users appear to have been feeling sleepy in February, as lodging and mattresses were among the Topics to Watch spotlighted by Facebook IQ.

7 Steps for Better Social Customer Service in 2017

Opinion: 2016 was the watershed year for social channel engagement, especially over messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger and Twitter. And 2017 promises to build on that momentum, delivering innovative solutions that simplify the customer-service process while building brand image and improving bottom lines.

February’s Hot Topics on Facebook Looked a Lot Like January’s Hot Topics on Facebook

Super Bowl LI and Valentine’s Day were Hot Topics on Facebook for the second consecutive month in February, and they were joined by the Grammy Awards, Black History Month and Mardi Gras.

4 Ways You’re Killing Your Brand’s Reputation on Social Media

Opinion: Brand appeal and goodwill are important intangible assets that a brand can capitalize on to drive growth to its bottom line. With social media now taking the lead as a major source for consumer information, your brand's reputation on social networks will impact your customers' impression of it.

Nielsen Social Content Ratings, Week of March 6: FC Barcelona’s Comeback Is Tops

FC Barcelona’s historic comeback against Paris St.-Germain propelled the UEFA Champions League soccer match to the top spot in the Nielsen Social Content Ratings for the week of March 6.

Apple News’ Donna Ogier Quietly Joined Snapchat to Boost Its Discover Platform

Snapchat quietly added Apple News senior publisher relations manager Donna Ogier to help bolster its Discover platform.

Facebook’s Trending Topics Are Not So Useful or Popular (Report)

Unfortunately, Facebook’s Trending topics seem to be teetering between incendiary and irrelevant.

Google’s Area 120 Launches Uptime Social Video Viewing App

With Uptime, users can search for YouTube videos to share with the community, or watch videos that have already been shared.

Facebook Updated Its Policies to Remind Developers Not to Use Its Data for Surveillance

Facebook took steps to make it clear to developers that data from the social network cannot be used for the purposes of surveillance.